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Hey! I'm Ashlei, the creator & founder of Happy Cuticle Co.
I'm a boy mom, animal lover & highly addicted to doing my own nails.
I started with DIY nails about 10 years ago. At this time, it was regular old nail polish & hand-painted leopard print! Yay, me!
I love this time to pamper myself and feel pretty while being able to save time & money by ditching the nail salon. I mean... who doesn't love being complimented on something that YOU did yourself?
Fast forward to now & we have access to everything the pros use! It was like a whole new world! I stumbled across dip powder in 2020 & decided to give it a try as I needed something to add thickness to my now thin & fragile nails (thanks acrylic!) and boy am I in love! This product is user-friendly, easy to find & not damaging to your natural nails. Praise sweet baby Jesus! If you haven't tried dipping yet, I highly suggest it! 
Now, after all the prep, dipping, filing & final touches it's only natural for that skin around your fingers (cuticles) to look a little rough & sad. This was where I struggled! While there were plenty of big label options on the market, I wanted something that I felt confident using. Something I could trust that did all the beneficial things we need, while staying natural, cruelty free AND in the scents I liked. But... NOPE! No Pina Colada in sight! Nothing in a convenient size making it easy to keep with me at all times. Nothing picture-worthy to compliment that bomb Leopard print mani & showcase on my Facebook page for all to see.
After countless hours of research & test runs, a star was BORN! I had finally come up with a product that meets all of those standards, it worked wonderfully, & contains all natural ingredients. HOORAY! 
ALL of my products are handmade by me and only me. I use the highest quality, vegan & cruelty free ingredients. And can we talk about the scents? There are SO many options! There's definitely something for everyone here. 
Being able to create products that you all love & continue to use is such a triumph for me!
I now have two hobbies: Doing my nails & making products to share
with all of you!